Formal Civil Weddings
Let us frame your love in the dusty books of Italian history. Choose an ancient town hall, still echoing with the important words of wise men, and say your faithful Yes, blessed by the officiant under a frescoed ceiling.
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In the center of Sorrento, a stone's throw away from the house where the famous poet Torquato Tasso was born, there is a real jewel: the Cloister of Saint Francis. What makes this structure unique is not simply the fusion of its basic XIV century architectural style with styles of the following eras, but also its hidden treasures consisting in rests of pagan temples and ancient colonies. The result is a portico characterized by the alternation of crossed arches made of tuff and round arches leaning on octagonal columns and splendid artisanal capitals. This cloister, blessed with a respectful silence, broken only by the briny breeze whistling through the colored trees in the middle of the structure, might be the perfect place to celebrate your Formal Civil Wedding.
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